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Valentine Recipe; Cherry-Flavored White Chocolate Hearts

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Will Bontrager

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Learn how to make cherry-flavored white chocolate hearts. Impress the person you most want to impress.

Valentine Recipe; Cherry-Flavored White Chocolate Hearts

Nothing wins hearts like personally made heart candy.

Making the cherry-flavored white chocolate takes four steps.

  1. Make the cherry flavor. (Then let it sit 6 hours or longer.)

  2. Melt the chocolate.

  3. Flavor the chocolate and spoon it into a heart-shaped candy mold. (Then let it sit for some hours to firm.)

  4. Remove the cherry-flavored white chocolate hearts from the candy mold.

The above 4 steps each has its own video embedded within the book (11 minutes total). Or, you may use a traditional text recipe, also included in the free online book.

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