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Pursuit. Maude.

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Vern Harrison

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When Maude found out the boy she thought she owned had escaped, she nevertheless learned something — shooting out the joints of people was torture that assuaged her erotic needs.

Maude was thoroughly pissed.

In lieu of killing, the boy had shot and destroyed his preacher father's knees, elbows, and other joints. The intent was to prevent his father from following him and bringing him back.

His father had sold his son and his father was known throughout his preaching area that whenever he made a deal, he kept it. No matter what.

Maude was thoroughly pissed when she finds out the boy she purchased has escaped and his father is in no physical condition to bring him back.

But Maude did learn something that came to her good stead for the rest of her life — shooting out the joints of people she wants to torture for her erotic satisfaction was the most intolerable pain she could render. The person could not escape and was forced to stand whatever torment Maude delivered. Even when the pain became more than they could stand, her victims still bore it. They had no choice.

While Maim maimed in self-defense and never killed, Maude maimed with intent to torture and watch the victims slowly die.

Maim went out West. Maude followed.

Maude's proclivity to torture and slowly kill for personal satisfaction distracted her from the chase, at times. Her biggest desire, however, was to catch the person she considered to be her property, Maim, torture him for a slow and extended period, and watch him die.

Losing his trail now and again, and despairing that she would ever catch up with Maim, she eventually had an idea. Knowing that Maim could not kill and was reduced to maiming aggressors, Maude would listen for rumors of maimings. There were few who maimed like Maim did and she should be able to find him that way.

To have an excuse for traveling around, and also to get paid for what she liked to do anyway, she became an assassin intent on becoming known for her anonymity and for never missing a shot.

Finally, she got a good lead.

He survived, not by killing but by so thoroughly maudeing opponents that they would be unable to follow up for revenge.

This is the second book of the book trilogy. It talks about the ten years Maude was after Maim as the property she assumed she owned.

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