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Pursuit. Caught.

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Vern Harrison

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Maim hunts Maude. Maude hunts Maim. Only one will survive.

First, she bought him. Payment was a full month residence in her preacher father's tent. Before delivery could be made, he escaped.

Finally, after 10 years of dodging, they meet.

This is the third book of the trilogy, where Maim and Maude finally meet.

But there is a bullet between them. They hunt each other. Maim hunts Maude. Maude hunts Maim.

Only one will survive.

Before the bullet, Maim finally finds the love he feels is forever. They had a short but intense romantic relationship.

During the decade of defending himself without killing, some who he had maimed then hired killers to shoot Maim down.

Maim manages to dodge a shot from one of those hired killers. But the bullet kills his love.

Maim is alone again, as he has been for most of his young life — not counting the time spent with his preacher father, which might as well have been alone.

Now, however, Maim is on the prowl. Maude had earlier sent a bullet his way and she absolutely must be stopped. He can't just continue dodging. Maim realizes Maude's skills are his level or even above his, and he fears for his own life. Yet, he knows he will never be safe with Maude on the loose.

Maude creates a trap to catch Maim, something to maim him yet should let him live for a day or more before he dies. She wants to watch him suffer. She still holds a grudge from 10 years ago. How had he dared to run away after she had spent that awful month to pay for him!

But the Maim trap didn't quite work as she thought it would.

(This is the third book of the trilogy. The first book talks about Maim's adventures traveling West and evading Maude. The second book talks about Maude's adventures trying to catch her property.)

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